Musical expert, Candidate of art criticism


Sarybaev Bolat Shamgalievich


Musical expert, Candidate of art criticism. Graduated from Kurmangazy Alma-Ata State Conservatory in the kobyz class. After graduating from the Conservatory lectured in the Department of Folk Instruments, at the same time devoting himself to the creative work in collecting and studying the Kazakh folk musical set of instruments. There are about 400 musical instruments of different nations in his private collection. He was the owner of the unique collection of Kazakh ancient folk instruments -sybyzgy, syrnai, zhetygen, sherter, shankobyz, dabyl etc., which he donated to the Ykhlas Museum of Kazakh Folk Instruments. B.Sarybayev classified the instruments that he had discovered with description of their types, pitch, scale, the manner of playing in the monograph «Kazakh Folk Instruments». A valuable addition to this research is the colourful album «Kazakh Musical Instruments», published with the help of Sarybaev.

B.Sarybayev enriched musicology not only by his knowledge of ancient instruments and not only by their discovery as valuable cultural objects, but also by allowing these ancient instruments to regain their practical meaning in the spiritual life of the nation. Through his research, Sarybaev devoted himself to the tireless search and revival of our antiquity. We know that Kazakhs are a very musical nation, since ancient times they created one of the richest set of musical instruments in the world.

Sarybayev’s work has invaluable significance, in the ancient sounds the voices of the past generations are concealed, also the living pages of the history of the Kazakh people’s musical culture, and it is always a moving, uninterrupted trend of constantly renovating life.