Singer, composer, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan


Rakishev Danesh


Singer, composer, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan. Learned singing and playing dombra from his parents. His father was a singer, dombra player, and accordion concertina player. D.Rakishev met with the singers-akyns Aset, Shashubai, improved his art when performing at young Kazakh Singer Competition of Eastern Turkestan. He created the inimitable images of Abdrakhman in the play «Shuga» by B.Mailin, Zhapal, Kalmakan in the «Enlik-Kebek» play by M.Auezov, while working in the Uigur and Kazakh Drama Theatre in Kuldja (People’s Republic of China). After returning to Kazakhstan in 1959 he was led the Taldy-Kurgan Regional Popular Theatre. Since 1968 he was a soloist of Taldy-Kurgan Regional Philharmonic Society. His repertoire included Kazakh, Uigur, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Tartar songs. Among these are «Ardak», «Makpal», «Atym Aset», «Zhas Kairat», «Zher suluyi Zhetysu», «Surzhekei».