Akyn, composer


Bekezhanov Nartai


Akyn, composer. Born in Chyili district, Kyzyl-Orda region. Began performing songs at 10 years old. The problems of social inequality in society, the hypocrisy of bais and mullahs («Saran baiga», «Myrzalyk ernes») are reflected in Nartai’s work. The akyn’s songs called poor men to struggle for their human rights, denounced barymta and amengerism. Nartai participated in the aityses with Nurlybek Baimuratov, Kazangap Baibolov akyns. Nartai’s songs «Tolkyn», «Nartai sazy», «Osiyet terme» are very popular and loved by people. His life and creative work are told about in Rustemov’s documentary tale «Nartai».