Singer (baritone). People’s Artist of Kazakhstan


Baibosynov Kairat


Singer (baritone). People’s Artist of Kazakhstan. Born in 1950. In 1969 he finished the Kazakh variety studio. His teacher was the famous singer and State Prizewinner, People’s Artist of the Kaz.SSR Zhusupbek Alibekov. He began his creative work in the ensemble «Gulder». The deep, mellow timbre of the young singer was highly appreciated by many famous performers. The repertoire of K. Baibosynov is rich and varied - these are Kazakh folk songs such as «Ardak», «Kargash», «Surzhekei», «Alkonyr», the songs of folk composers: Birzhan-sal, Akhan-sere, Mustafa, Yestai, Ibrai, Zhayau Musa; and the songs of modern composers. For the first time he performed more than 60 Kazakh folk songs, which had not previously been performed on-stage. The originality of K.Baibosynov’s performing style has made a great contribution to the treasury of the Kazakh performing arts.