Singer. People’s Artist of Kazakhstan and the USSR


Baglanova Roza


Singer. People’s Artist of Kazakhstan and the USSR. Born in 1922 in Kyzyl-Orda Region. In 1941 graduated from Kyzyl-Orda Pedagogical Institute. Her creative journey began in the years of the Second World War. During 1947-1949 she worked at the Abai Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. During 1949-1960, in Jambul Republican Philharmonic Society. From 1960 she was a soloist at Kazakhconcert. Roza Baglanova is a singer of rare gift, famous performer of songs of the peoples of the world. She has been all over Kazakhstan, all the former republics of the USSR and also the foreign countries, sings about the Motherland, love and friendship, man and nature. When travelling on her tours, R.Baglanova makes it a rule to learn by heart the most popular song of each country in the original language. But especially bright and touching are the Kazakh folk songs in her performance.