Kiui-composer, dombra player - one of the school founders of performing kiuis in the «shertpe» style


Tattimbet Kazangap-uly


Kiui-composer, dombra player - one of the school founders of performing kiuis in the «shertpe» style. Tattimbet is the author of more than 40 thematically varied kiuis such as: «Kosbasar», «Sarzhailau», «Sary ozen», «Teris kakpai», «Bylkyldak», «Boz aigyr», «Balbyraun», «Kara zhorga» etc. Tattimbet’s kiuis show an exciting sense of generosity and intensity in which the lyric motifpredominates. The musical language of Tattimbet’s compositions is based on individual original expression and shows a complexity of performing style, despite the sense of simplicity to the hearer. Tattimbet is a notable representative of «shertpe» traditions with the attending philosophical attitude to life. «Kokeikesty» kiui is the summit of Tattimbet’s creative work, composed in the last years of his life. The people’s rich spiritual world is reflected in it, also their ancient art experience.

In 1855 in Petersburg, Tattimbet, among the representatives of the musical art of Russia, participated in the coronation ceremony of Czar Alexander II. Tattimbet had charmed Petersburg by the skilful playing dombra, and was awarded silver medal. Today the dombra players A.Khasenov, M.Khamzin, U.Bekenov perform and popularise Tattimbet’s works. Many kiuis of Tattimbet are used in chamber and instrumental, symphonic, opera compositions: the kiuis «Bylkyldak», «Kosbasar» - in Ye.Brusilovsky’s opera «Kyz Zhibek», the kiui «Sarzhailau» - in «Jambul»; taking the kiui «Sylkyldak» as model M.Sagatov wrote a play for trumpet heading variety orchestra. Since 1971 at the Kurmangazy Almaty State Conservatory the kiui class in «shertpe» style teaches the basics of performing traditions in this kind of kiui in different Kazakhstani regions, based upon Tattimbet’s performing school traditions.