Akyn, composer, honoured Art Worker of the Kaz.SSR


Yestai Berkimbaev


Akyn, composer, honoured Art Worker of the Kaz.SSR. Yestai grew up with song and poetry. His mother Kulipa and uncle Baitulym were popular singers. Yestai imitated their manner of performing zhyrs, dastans and tolgau. At the age of sixteen he became well known as gifted performer of folk songs. Yestai proceeded with the traditions of folk musical art. The songs «Zhai konyr», «Naz konyr», «Maida konyr», «Sandugash», «Erkem», «Gulnar» etc. are notable for melody and artistic perfection. The song «Khorlan» brought widespread fame to Yestai. The melody of that song was used in the operas «Birzhan-Sara» by M. Tulebaev, «Er-Targyn» by E. Brusilovsky, in the concert for kobyz with orchestra by S.Shabelsky and L.Shargorodsky. The poem «Yestai-Khorlan» by M.AIimbaev is dedicated to Yestai.See also «Legends» for the dramatic love history of Yestai and Khorlan.