The main wealth of our state is people

The main wealth of our state is people. 

This portal is about people of Kazakhstan, wonderful people of Kazakhstan.

This portal is dedicated to people whose lives, work, creative work forever in the history of Kazakhstan.

This portal is about people who have made a great contribution to the history, culture, science, economics and politics of our country.

This portal is about past and present of our country in the light of biography of great men of our multinational state.

This portal is not just about great historical figures of the past, but also about remarkable contemporaries laid the foundation of our modern state, and continue fruitful creative process of building of our Kazakhstan.

Sections of the portal will be developed, and replenished as materials processing.

Placing of information about remarkable contemporaries is carried out based on our requests to various government and community organizations.

There is no place to rumors, stories, slander in our portal. The main problem that we set for ourselves - just present the results of the hero’s activity; as closely as possible to fix the information about the implementation of the Open, created sculptures, buildings, technologies, performed operations, the roles played in the theater and film, staged films and performances, athletic achievements, etc.

Three portal languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) - make available materials portal not only the public of Kazakhstan, but also a global audience.

Chief Editor of Portal – M.B. Nakupov

Best regards- Murat Nakupov